Arvados 2.0.3 Released!

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce the release of Arvados 2.0.3. This release includes a few minor feature improvements and number of bug fixes.

New features


The arvados-sync-groups tool now supports specifying the level of access ( can_read , can_write , can_manage ) that will be granted to each member of the group.


The Arvados Python SDK now honors the environment variable SSL_CERT_FILE as a user-supplied path to a certificate bundle file.


Keepproxy can use config.yml to discover upstream keepstores.

Bugs fixed


Database connections are now explicitly set to UTC time zone. This avoids timestamp comparison bugs when the Arvados API server and Postgres database are configured for different time zones.


Workbench 2: The “New” button will now create items in the expected location when the current selection is a project in “Shared with me” or “Favorites”.


arvados-docker-cleaner now installs a systemd service file.


When sbatch returns an error, crunch-dispatch-slurm reports the error instead of printing “PANIC”.


Fix cached user update error when using LoginCluster and a previously active user is deactivated.


Fix handling of create container request when LoginCluster is set.


python3-distutils dependency added to python3-arvados-cwl-runner package.


Documentation uses consistent values for InternalURLs in examples.


Keepproxy uses a longer timeout when forwarding uploaded data to keepstore. Avoids upload failures when external clients are slow and take longer than 45 seconds to upload a block.


No longer ignores the flag to request preemptible instances on AWS in arvados-dispatch-cloud .


Bugfix for packing CWL files with a $schemas section.

#16492 #16341

Version updates to 3rd party dependencies to address reported vulnerabilities.

The release notes can also be found at

The Arvados Team