Arvados 2.1.2 released

The Arvados team is pleased to announce Arvados 2.1.2. This release includes a number of bug fixes as well as some new Workbench 2 features. We recommend that new and existing installations of 2.1.1 or earlier upgrade to 2.1.2. See Upgrading Arvados for upgrade instructions.

New features

Workbench 2

When collection versioning is enabled, Workbench 2 now supports
browsing, searching, and restoring past versions of a collection.

Workbench 2 Collections panel now offers a dialog box with the
connection information required to access the collection using WebDAV
mount or S3 API client.

When displaying the owner of an object, render the name of the user
or project in addition to the uuid.


keep-web now understands “virtual host” style requests in the S3 API
in which the bucket name appears as the first part of the domain name.
This improves compatability with some S3 clients that preferentially
use virtual host style instead of path style to access the bucket.
This feature requires keep-web be set up with wildcard DNS.

Workbench 2 now provides a “Copy link to clipboard” menu item to get a
URL that redirects to download a file in Keep. This URL can be safely
shared with others.

The Azure driver for arvados-dispatch-cloud now supports requesting
Preemptible (spot) instances.

crunch-dispatch-cloud now supports using AWS IAM roles as an alternative
to explicitly configured credentials.

Bugs fixed

Workbench 2 bugs

The performance of rendering the Workbench 2 left side panel has been
greatly improved with large numbers of projects.

Workbench 2 now uses the correct units for the workflow runner RAM
request, and includes the keep cache in the RAM request.

Workbench 2 now hyperlinks to Workbench 1 for Webshell (previously,
the hyperlink was invalid).

Fixed Workbench 2 bugs in removing files from collections.

{: .ticketnumber}

Fixed a bug in Workbench 2 in which the application would sometimes fail to load
after logging in.

Fix Workbench 2 bug where creating a process using the “Run” from the
Workflows panel failed to correctly initialize the “advanced” fields.

Fix Workbench 2 bug where the user is unable to select files in the
file selection dialog.

Fix Workbench 2 bug where “Favorites” were not displayed consistently
between project tree and selection dialogs.

Service bugs

keep-web now returns error messages in the response body. S3 API
errors are returned in the correct XML format expected by S3 clients.

crunch-dispatch-slurm will no longer attempt to take ownership of
jobs in the slurm queue that belong to a different cluster.

When updating the record of a user that belongs to another cluster,
the update is forwarded to the user’s home cluster, and the result of
the user record update is correctly sent to the local cluster.

Fixed loopholes in Workbench 2 validation that allowed users to
mistakenly set property values without the value being normalized to
the standard term in the configured vocabulary. Fixed handling of
vocabulary terms in properties in the “New project” dialog.

OpenID Connect authentication request parameters such as “prompt” are
now configurable.

Keepstore now correctly reports the value of “ReadOnly” taking into
account both the volume and “AccessViaHosts” ReadOnly settings.

arvados-dispatch-cloud now respects the ReserveExtraRAM,
CrunchRunCommand and CrunchRunArgumentsList configuration options.

Fix for log of long-running container getting trashed incorrectly when
crunch-run is unable to write to keepstore for 12 consecutive hours.

Adds additional config validation of ClusterID and for missing/short

Fix Ruby SDK bug preventing code from connecting to more than one

Fix login-sync to fetch tokens from the LoginCluster if necessary.

arvados-cwl-runner will now ignore unresolvable URLs in the
$schemas section of the CWL file instead of failing.

Fix confusing modified_at timestamps on past collection versions.

Fix memory leak in the Python SDK when exceptions are thrown by the KeepWriterThread.

Correctly normalize paths used to check signatures for S3 API operations.

Keep-web will skip the 303-redirect-with-token behavior on
cross-origin requests, such as loading images.