Hello Team,

I installed arvados-in-a-box environment, all works good, except for the issue during running a workflow.
I am getting the error that arvados/jobs:2.4.0.dev20220404200812 image doesn’t exist.

Error response from daemon: manifest for arvados/jobs:2.4.0.dev20220404200812 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Please could you advise on how the above issue can be fixed?

Thank you.

Hi @MikeB could you provide some more detail about what you did? It looks like you installed a development version of something, possibly by accident.

Are you running the workflow from the command line? How did you install arvados-cwl-runner?

Hi @tetron
Thank you for your reply.

Arvados was installed by the following instruction: Arvados | Arvados-in-a-box
I have started:
./arvbox start publicdemo latest

Then I connected to Arvados using ./arvbox shell and run the workflow by using arvados-cwl-runner in command line.
All works good if I use hints and DockerRequirement with another image but default image is arvados/jobs:2.4.0.dev20220404200812