Arvados Summit | Online | Nov 17th 2022

Hello all -

Join us at the Arvados virtual conference on Thursday, November 17th to learn more about Arvados and how others are using Arvados to:

  • Accelerate new drug identification and validation
  • Integrate their management, analysis, and storage of biomedical data
  • Create data commons, removing silos and supporting new discoveries
  • Run production workflows on large NGS sequencing and other clinical datasets

The summit is open to current and prospective users of Arvados or anyone interested in learning more. Sign up here:

The Arvados Summit is filled with some great speakers from pharmaceutical companies, bio-tech startups, research hospitals and more. Some of the speakers include:

  • George Church - Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School
    Keynote: Near Future Applications of Petabyte Workflows

  • Brad Chapman - Principal Data Science Architect at Ginkgo Bioworks, Inc.
    Using Arvados Keep for Versioned Organization of Synthetic Biology Reference Genomes

  • Moritz Gilsdorf - Principal Scientist at Roche Pharma Early Research and Development
    Using Arvados as Foundation of the Roche Digital Pathology Platform

  • Monika Krzy┼╝anowska - Bioinformatician at Roche Pharma Early Research and Development
    Arvados As Efficient Tool for Large Scale Genetics Analysis

  • Sarah Wait Zaranek - CEO at Curii Corporation
    Machine Learning on Genomes at Scale with Arvados Lightning