Arvados v2.1.1 released

The Arvados team is pleased to announce Arvados 2.1.1. This release includes performance fixes for large Arvados installations as well as some new Workbench 2 features. We recommend that new and existing installations of 2.1.0 or earlier upgrade to 2.1.1. See Upgrading Arvados for upgrade instructions.

New features

In Workbench 2, when searching it is now possible to include past collection versions in the search. (#16718)

In Workbench 2, when viewing a past version of a collection, the panel now clearly indicates that it is a past version, and does not offer editing actions. (#16719)

The action menu on collections and projects now offer “open in new tab” and “copy to clipboard” operations. The “copy to clipboard” option can be used to share links to collections and projects with others. (#16005)

The action menu on files in a collection now offers “open in new tab” and “copy to clipboard” for files in Keep. The “copy to clipboard” option can be used to share links to files with others. The download link no longer embeds a copy of the user’s token. (#16812)

Bugs fixed

Improve performance of permission checking by caching certain results and preventing certain inefficient database query planns. (#17040)

Adjust lock type used for permission updates to prevent database deadlocks when multiple updates occur at once. (#17090)

Arvados-sync-groups tool updated to work with LoginCluster federations. (#16981)

The group contents API method no longer returns the “unsigned_manifest_text” field. This reduces the amount of network transfer involved it getting project listings that include collections. (#17111)

In Workbench 2, the buggy “download selected” feature has been removed until backend support exists that make it possible to implement feature in a reliable way. (#16037)

Opening the collection panel in Workbench 2 no longer fetches the collection record multiple times. (#17096)

In Workbench 2, renaming files in a collection now works reliably, prevents users from entering invalid names, and makes it possible to move a file between folders of a collection. (#15685)

When logging in with a method that requires navigating away from Workbench, such as Google or OpenID Connect, the user is now returned to the desired destination instead of being sent to the root project. (#17101)

The Arvados Team