Can't run example CWL workflow

Arvados in a box installation (in AWS cloud).
Trying to run the example from Arvados | Starting a Workflow at the Command Line
Getting the following output:

Container exited with code: 0
copying “/HWI-ST1027_129_D0THKACXX.1_1.sam” (30918987 bytes)
mem 5187350528 cache 18480 pgmajfault 2536718336 rss
cpu 71478.7800 user 18453.8700 sys 4 cpus – interval 9.9999 seconds 33.7100 user 1.3700 sys
net:eth0 96036496 tx 864615737 rx – interval 9.9999 seconds 68616 tx 3430 rx
net:docker0 0 tx 0 rx – interval 9.9999 seconds 0 tx 0 rx
error in CaptureOutput: error creating output collection: arvados API server error: request failed: http://api.internal:8004/arvados/v1/collections: 401 Unauthorized: Not logged in (req-aepjfifrviss1mj3o3e3) (401: 401 Unauthorized) returned by arva2.arv.local:443
error in UpdateContainerFinal: arvados API server error: Log cannot be modified in state ‘Cancelled’ (nil, “a4885e654012445cfb10b98147a94591+214”) (req-1jvkyi3magaii16sey95) (422: 422 Unprocessable Entity) returned by arva2.arv.local:443
Running [arv-mount --unmount-timeout=8 --unmount /tmp/crunch-run.arva2-dz642-i0hqov7c0avvmey.301127480/keep872740663]
crunch-run finished

The log file has:

{“method”:“GET”,“path”:"/arvados/v1/containers",“format”:“html”,“controller”:“Arvados::V1::ContainersController”,“action”:“index”,“status”:200,“duration”:8.69,“view”:0.14,“db”:1.25,“request_id”:“req-hvnv1fodtnv71ugqoeoh”,“client_ipaddr”:“”,“client_auth”:“arva2-gj3su-000000000000000”,“params”:{“count”:“none”,“filters”:"[[“uuid”,“in”,[“arva2-dz642-8nkkasdx2wie5xh”,“arva2-dz642-p3qdon2ybsaftxz”,“arva2-dz642-i0hqov7c0avvmey”]]]",“limit”:“100”,“offset”:“0”,“order”:"[“priority desc”]"},"@timestamp":“2021-04-13T16:32:47.420611965Z”,"@version":“1”,“message”:"[200] GET /arvados/v1/containers (Arvados::V1::ContainersController#index)"}
Can’t verify CSRF token authenticity.
#<ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid: Validation failed: Log cannot be modified in state ‘Cancelled’ (nil, “6b842c7a2d095c8573e93ee8eda6173c+214”)>
[“Log cannot be modified in state ‘Cancelled’ (nil, “6b842c7a2d095c8573e93ee8eda6173c+214”)”]
Error 1618331568+5cd8a53b: 422

Any ideas?

Hi @nakosspy, by the errors you attached, I assume you used the script to deploy the formula, from Arvados’ master branch in the github repository, right? It is possible it deployed the newest version of Arvados, which has some changes the script and formula does not yet support (I’m working on them right now). You can either pin the ARVADOS version in the script file to an older version (2.0.1) and reinstall the node, or wait me to get this new version updated. I’m testing it and expect to get it ready in a couple of days. Earlier if all goes as expected.

Thank you very much for your reply! I think I will wait for the fix.

Hi @nakosspy, We merged yesterday the new version of the provision script and formula (arvados/tools/salt-install at master · arvados/arvados · GitHub).

You can check the documentation for installation using a single host or multiple hosts for more details.

Please let me know if you have any issues.

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