Upgrade Arvados 1.3 to 2.1


I have an arvbox instance v1.3. I want to update it to v2.1 but keep the existing data - users, groups, projects and collections.

So I have two question:

  1. Does arvbox has an upgrading procedure? I saw it in more recent versions but not in v1.3
  2. Does Arvados have export/import functionality for users, projects, collections? Arv-copy can copy collection between Arvadoses but without projects and users

Hi @ksastan, welcome!

So, unfortunately, being only intended for development and demo instances, arvbox does not have a supported upgrade path.

You should probably invest some time into setting up a more permanent Arvados installation, since you seem to be relying on it.

The migration approach would be something like this:

  1. set up a new installation of Arvados 2.1. Once you have confirmed it is configured properly, shut down all the services.
  2. dump the arvados_development database from your arvbox instance using arvbox shell, pg_dump, and docker cp to retrieve the dump file
  3. in the new installation, using psql, drop the empty arvados_production database and load the arvbox database dump into its place.
  4. on the new API server, go to /var/www/arvados/current and run bundle exec rake db:migrate to migrate the database.
  5. Copy the contents of the arvbox directories /var/lib/arvados-arvbox/keep0 and /var/lib/arvados-arvbox/keep1 to the backend volume of your new keepstore.
  6. restart arvados

Curii may also be able to provide additional help, contact info@curii.com.

Hi @tetron!

Thank you for your answer.
As a result, the latest Arvados doesn’t work with the database data from Arvados v1.3.
API server and workbench don’t start.

You might need to upgrade to 1.4, then 1.5, and so on until 2.1/2.2 in this situation. Releases | Arvados